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The Best Reasons To Buy The New iPhone 7

Perfect image stabilization

The new iPhone is equipped with optical image stabilization. That means that, for example, you can create much better photos if there is bad light in the area. Also the videos you make much more stable. The optical image stabilization is not completely new because the iPhone 6 and 6S Plus were there already. The camera is in each case a lot better. That too is another fine reason to buy.

Dust and water resistant

There are already a number of reasons mentioned to the smartphone to buy and there can still be fed two to, namely that the unit dust free and water resistant. The device has before that even the official rating awarded for, namely IP67. From this, it can be deduced that there against dust protection is provided at the highest level. The unit is water resistant for the duration of thirty minutes to a depth of a meter under water. It is therefore not the case that the unit is fully waterproof and long wash in the washing machine without more survives.

Dual camera iPhone 7 Plus

If you are one who frequents the smartphone in hand to take pictures, then you might consider to iPhone 7 Plus to purchase. This unit is equipped with a dual camera with 12 megapixels. One camera functions as a telephoto lens and the other camera as a wide angle lens. You can thereby large pictures and perfect zoomed photos. It is also possible to use depth of field to work in the photos. The background can then, for example, remain vague and the portrait is then quite sharp.

A10 Fusion processor and better battery

The list of reasons can be further complemented with the addition of the A10 Fusion processor and with an improved battery. The new device is faster and more powerful. The better performance arises through the application of the A10 Fusion processor. The advantage is that there be delivered faster performance, but that is not under the battery. The 7 has the longest battery life of all Apple smartphones that Ewe have been placed on the market. The battery life for the standard version is for comparison to the 6S two hours longer and the 7 Plus has an hour longer battery life compared to the previous version.