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The Best Reasons To Buy The New iPhone 7

You have from 9 September the opportunity a pre-order by bitches for the iPhone 7 is available from 16 September 2016. Maybe you have no order and you still a little doubt for whether or not you purchase. Please know that there are excellent reasons to buy the iPhone 7. If you know these reasons are the step to the new smartphone to buy smaller and all you have to find a suitable provider if you the unit in combination with purchase a subscription.

What’s new to the iPhone 7?

The iPhone 7 during the Apple event in San Francisco announced after all sorts of other matters the review have passed. So there was attention paid to Apple Music and the festival that is linked to. Further, it came news that Super Mario Run to the iPhone and to play with one hand. Also announced was the new Apple Watch and it was announced that Pokémon Go soon, can be played on the Apple Watch. The new generation of Apple Watch was presented in an impressive manner, but the wait was, of course, on the announcement and presentation of the iPhone 7.


The new device comes with iOS 10 and that brings a number of innovations. The home app makes it possible to devices in the home to operate. There are hundreds of home automation products on the market and to see if it Works With Apple HomeKit is, then these suitable to use.

New colors choice

A reason to purchase the new iPhone is that you have the opportunity to get out new colors to make a choice. In addition to that the unit in silver, gold and rose gold is available, the opportunity for black or jet black. It’s thick in that the black and jet black version to the most requested colors. New colors have always had a great appeal and Furthermore, everyone that you know the latest iPhone have a version in black or jet black. Moreover, there is still some sign about the colors, but then over those of the display. There is a wider color gamut available so there’s an even more vivid and clearer picture is created. The display is also 25 percent become clearer.

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Stereo speakers

The new smartphone from Apple is equipped with stereo speakers. The activation of this takes place through the unit from the portrait mode a quarter turn. At that time the phone speaker will function as a second speaker. When in the portrait mode keeping the unit you hear only sound from the speaker from the bottom. The iPad Pro models are also equipped with this technique but even have four speakers. That there are stereo speakers is for those who have a lot of music listening via the mobile is an excellent reason to buy this unit.