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UtterlyBoring.Com – Local Blog helping us with the fight

Jake over at UtterlyBoring.Com has been keeping a healthy thread about the upcoming changes from Bend Broadband.  Make sure to check out his site and read the comments! The post about this going national: The original post (where all the comments are):

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Public Protest

We are planning a public protest and want your help. We still have to set the date and location, but need people to stand with us to get back our internet. If you are willing, contact me

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(Gizmodo) The Future of Broadband: We’re Totally Screwed

Gizmodo posted for our cause. As turtle-tastic as broadband is in the US compared to Asia, other than Time Warner’s experiment to charge by the byte, at least consumption-based billing has mostly been a problem for Canadians. Until now. Justin from Bend, Oregon just sent us his ISP’s new pricing plan, which makes Time […]

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Bend Broadband is hurting the internet!

Bend Broadband is changing how they charge for the internet starting July 1st. Instead of an unlimited service, they will be capping your download amount, and limiting your speed based on how much you are willing to pay. The worst part is that they don’t even offer an unlimited service. With streaming video, legal HD […]