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Nintendo Increases the Switch Production and Stops Wii U Production


Nintendo Switch pre-order continues to grow since the official announcement. The new Nintendo game console which is planned to be available on the market in March 2017 successfully lures out all gamers attention. Even, the whole first shipment for Nintendo Switch on the third March is sold out. Because of this growing demand for the Nintendo Switch, the giant game console company decided to increase the Switch production.

A Wall Street Journal reporter, Takashi Mochizuki, wrote on his Twitter that the president of Nintendo has told him about the planning of the company to increase the Switch production. Takashi Mochizuki wrote, “Nintendo chief Kimishima said the firm plans to raise production of Switch, a pre-order status so far good.” Then, the other source reporting about the Wii U production. It is said that Nintendo Increases the Switch Production and Stops Wii U Production because Nintendo needs to concentrate on the Switch stock availability. The announcement about the Wii U was written on the official Nintendo Japan website under the Wii U hardware section.

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Apparently, Nintendo is optimistic about their new game console. President of Nintendo Kimishima on January 31st confirmed that Nintendo had set a great plan for Nintendo Switch production toward the high demand for the new console. He said, “You can tell customers have huge expectations based on how Switch reservations are doing.” Based on his confirmation, we can see the precisely why Nintendo Increases the Switch Production and Stops Wii U Production. “We want to increase production as much as we can.” Said the president of Nintendo at a briefing. It seems like Nintendo is trying to give the best effort to fulfill the market demand by concentrating on producing the Switch and leaving the Wii U behind. The announcement about the Nintendo Wii U production is officially finished is followed by another statement on January 31st by Nintendo of America who issued a statement as support: “Wii U production has ended globally.”

The world reaction to Nintendo Switch exceeded the company’s expectation. So far, Nintendo Switch appears to have done enough to fill the quota of its launch day on March the third which is proven by the closing of the first shipment pre-order. We got a report of an Analyst Serkan Toto who wrote on his Twitter: Switch pre-order went live today in Nintendo Japan’s online store. A page right now (11.50am Monday) shows error page (“too much traffic”).

A Swedish retailer Webhallen also confirmed by his status on his Facebook wall: “The entire first shipment for March is sold out, but we recommend you to keep checking back, so you can get your hands on any future shipment.” Although the launch of Nintendo Switch is still far enough, the customers have shown their excitement about the Nintendo Switch. We are looking forward about Nintendo Switch, and there’ll be more interesting facts we could get about the Switch as the official launch day is getting closer.