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How to Use Secure Folder on the Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 provides a few mechanisms that are effective to users to protect information. One of these features is a security solution which helps users protect their data and information such as files and private apps, Secure Folder. Secure Folder is also compatible with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 border smartphones encouraging Android OS 7.0 or later versions, and Samsung plans to expand support to other devices shortly. The downloadable version of Secure Folder is available on the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store.

Some of the programs and your documents on your smartphone — your Tinder profile, for example, or your work email login — are personal and too important to be deleted by your kid or noticed by your neighbor. However, with S8 + and all the Galaxy S8, you have a way to keep files.

The Galaxy S8 lets you can store your information with its pair of locks in the Secure Folder, another storage partition on your phone. Not only can you use a PIN or password or pattern to unlock the folder, but you may also need scanning or fingerprint recognition for security.

The Secure Folder is much more than just a digital library of photographs and your files. You can proceed and install entire programs like TurboTax Mobile or Google Drive into this Samsung area, so will also be guarded.

What sets the S8’s Secure Folder besides other third party solutions is that you can make your folder imperceptible from the programs display. That means nobody, but you’ll know the folder even exists. So the Secure Folder will look another app on your phone you can customize its icon.

Whether you need to protect your plans for world domination or epic pet videos, the Secure Folder of the Galaxy S8 is a handy feature to help us protect and better manage our electronic footprint. Here is how you can setup your Secure Folder

How to Use the Galaxy S8 Secure Folder

  1. Open Settings (gear shaped button in the notification pulldown bar)
  2. Tap Lock screen & Security
  3. Scroll down and tap Secure Folder
  4. Hit next and then click Start
  5. Sign in or create a Samsung AccountHow to Use Secure Folder on the Samsung Galaxy S8-1
  6. Add a password, pattern or pin
  7. Then add a second layer of security with a Fingerprint, or Iris Scanner
  8. Tap Done and the Secure Folder has been created

Users can now open the program and hit on Add Files to transfer content to the folder. Then as we mentioned above, you can select Insert Programs to hide an application or set up it twice. Yes, like having two Facebook accounts with one concealed.

By default, users may see a second gallery and camera application, which will make it possible for you to shoot photos that are concealed and secured. Instead of manually transferring them later.

Customize the Secure Folder

We can customize the name and icon, mainly because something known as the “Secure Folder” is rather suspicious looking. This is so you don’t appear to be hiding anything. Name it Vacations, Games, or anything. Furthermore, Samsung has an option to remove this folder on the home screen so that it’s only in the settings menu. Or transfer it to the notification pulldown bar access apps that are quick on the very top.

While inside the Secure Folder tap on the menu key near the top right. Head to Settings and then customize it to meet your needs, or for privacy. Last but not least, is a backup option. Everything within the folder will copy to a Samsung Account when enabled in settings. Which could be retrieved at any moment in the event of theft, loss, or when upgrading to a new device at a subsequent date.