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Bend BroadBand introduces Platinum Service – Still has many flaws

I guess Bend Broadband is starting to catch wind of the negative press and introduced a Platinum Service.  This service costs $10 more than the Gold service  at a total of $74.95 or $64.95 if you have another service with them. One of the problems is the download speed is at the Bronze level, half the speed of Gold.  It still has a limit, but at an increased 100GB a month.  The problem here is since the speed is at 8mbits, you are better off with DSL.  DSL runs at 7mbits, but costs significantly less and has not limit.  Let’s hope the Bend Broadband fixes this before things get more serious.

What this basically boils down to is the same speed we get now, with a cap, for much more than we pay now.  I think they can do better.

You can find a link to the new policy here.

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